Adding a new plot to Global Time Series

This guide gives a general list of things to consider when adding a new Global Time Series plot. The exact code changes required will differ amongst plots.

Note that unlike E3SM Diags and MPAS-Analysis which are packages called by zppy, Global Time Series is built into zppy.

  • In Add variables under “# Variables to extract”. Add the code for your new plot under “Plotting functions”; the name of your function should start with plot_. In PLOT_DICT, add "function name without plot_" : function name.

  • If this plot should be added to the defaults, then complete this step: for plot_names under [global_time_series] in default.ini, add the function name without plot to the string.

  • Optionally, after making your edits, you can run pre-commit run --all-files to clean up your code and check for any obvious errors.

  • Run the integration tests and examine the differences from the expected files. If they match what you expect, update the expected files following “Commands to run to replace outdated expected files” on the machine-specific directions. (The commands to run all the integration tests are pip install . followed by python -u -m unittest tests/integration/test_*.py).